Trusted Strategic Partners

Our Services include these and more:

Evaluation/Development of Personnel Policies

To prevent discrimination and harassment

To ensure a positive, productive work environment



To measure employee performance


Talent management and development assessments

For Identification and recommendations for training               

For Assistance with succession planning


Employee Retention assistance

New Employee orientation

Guidance regarding compensation

Recognition and rewards

Exit interviews

                                                                                                                                              Strategy Development 

To provide smooth transitions relative to management changes


Ask about our New Proprietary Search Process for hiring top management.


Related to communications, conflict resolution, customer service, and effective meeting management


For potential use of out-sourcing, part-timers, or interns


Short-term One on One Help, on a project basis, is available for those who wish to deal with only a single issue of concern at a time. This is a great way to try our services.  


Monthly Retained Services are useful for companies which have been in business for several years and would like to have a specialist available whenever a situation arises that calls for employee relations expertise.  Whether it is a matter improving communications between you and your staff, conflict resolution between departments, more fully engaging employees to keep their loyalty, etc., we can provide ongoing guidance and support.


Customized Interactive Presentations are offered to both companies and other interested groups.


Call us for a free consultation regarding any of the above services.