Why Choose Us?

We are a small business and relate to the enthusiasm and dedication that you bring to your customers/ clients. We understand first-hand that you will only invest time and money when the return benefits your firm’s continued health and growth. We bring a passion for helping others to succeed.
We treat each client with dignity, respect and confidentiality, while also providing them with direct and honest consulting feedback.
We provide responsive, cost-effective, value-added services. We only accept assignments where we believe we can make a difference…and refer you to others we respect when we do not. 


Abby Duncan, founding principal, has over 20 years of human resources consulting experience, serving both corporations and non-profit institutions. After earning teacher certification as well as completing a graduate degree, she worked for retained executive search firms prior to starting her own first business, which offered subcontracted recruiting services to them and to corporations.  Along the way, she expanded her range of services to provide training in the areas of employee retention, communication skills, conflict resolution, and work/family balance.  Ms. Duncan grew up working in a successful small family business where the emphasis was providing outstanding service and value to every customer. 

With Duncan Resources, she now channels the experience gained from all of these past endeavors to bring support to growing small companies whose human resources needs are often underserved.  Her specialties include using process improvement and group dynamics to help companies through transitions; management coaching; and the training of employees relative to customer service.